Who I Am
My name is Amanda and I am a digital media specialist based inCliffside Park, NJ – just a hop, skip and a jump from Manhattan. I've been working in marketing for 5+ years and love what I do.

What I Do
I specialize in digital media campaigns for entertainment clients. I spend a lot of time working directly with clients and their partners (think: TV networks and providers) to strategize the best way to sell their product or get people to watch their shows. I've dipped my toe into social content creation, copywriting, community management and more, but found that I excel (and LOVE) working on large scale digital (specifically social) media campaigns. Interested in learning more? Here's my resume.

I've worked within many different industries, but most of my experience is in entertainment. Below is a full list - check out my Projects page for specific campaign examples.

DIRECTV | HBO | STARZ | SHOWTIME | A&E | AMC | CBS | Disney | Discovery | Fox | NBCUniversal | NBC Sports | Hallmark | PeopleTV | SNY | Woosh Beauty | Fairy Tales Hair Care | Live Nation | National Geographic Books | Platinum Guild International | Franklin Templeton | StriVectin | Toshiba | MSG Networks

What I Love
Outside of the office, I am what some might call a nerd. I am a frequent sci-fi/fantasy reader (yes, I read Game of Thrones), lover of quality TV/movies and resident IMDB expert. I love to cook, playing my cat Ghost and am trying my damnedest to finally finish knitting an infinity scarf. My 2018 goal is to find the best ramen in the tri-state area, which I'll enjoy doing, one bowl at a time.
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